This planet close to Earth has one or two or four full moons, NASA released the video

This planet close to Earth has one or two or four full moons, NASA released the video

Bungalow Hunting Table: The moon is a symbol of rare beauty around the world. However, not all planets in the solar system have satellites. In contrast, many have a large number of satellites. One of them is Saturn. In that respect, the total number of satellites is 72, of which only 53 have been named by scientists so far. Of these, 29 are large. If we are to calculate the moon, there is an earth-like moon, Saturn basically has four moons.

NASA has brought most of this information to the world. NASA’s powerful Hubble telescope always keeps an eye on space. Again, unprecedented imagery was captured by this powerful telescope. This time Saturn’s ‘Moon Parade’ was seen. When the Earth’s satellite orbits the Earth, it is named the ‘Moon Parade’. This time, while observing Saturn, scientists came up with a strange picture.

Of course the credit goes to the Hubble Space Telescope. This telescope captures images orbiting four moons simultaneously. A short video clip for everyone on Instagram has already been shared by NASA. It is now among the most viral space enthusiasts worldwide. Strange things are constantly happening in space. The Hubble Space Telescope has brought more than one attractive image before. This time the device did the same thing again.

NASA shared the scene on Instagram, saying, “Saturn’s four moons can be seen in a spectacular view from Hubble in front of their planet. The diameter is 146% larger than the Moon.

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