“Now is the time to start the restaurant business; the worst is yet to come! Rodolf Walkren (Memphis)

"Now is the time to start the restaurant business; the worst is yet to come! Rodolf Walkren (Memphis)

Rodolf Walkren, founder of the Memphis Network, was at the Francis Expo Paris 2021. The entire owner met with him and discussed with him the chain of restaurants inspired by American restaurants and the policy for hiring new owners.

What is the current development level of your network?

Memphis currently has 80 restaurants, the latest of which has just opened in Trux. We should open four or five new companies in 2022 and stay at this pace for many years to come. Our development priority will remain in France, even if we look at all the opportunities that arise abroad for primary rights, especially in French-speaking countries.

During the past eighteen months, how have you lived between prisons and multiple restrictions on your level of activity?

This difficult time was an opportunity to experience the importance of team support! We took the time to support our owners, who really needed it, to train them and provide them with new tools. For example, we started training webinars for our owners, but also for their teams, which helped strengthen the sense of belonging to the network.

Since redemption, we have all promised! The customers were loyal and are back in our restaurants!

This is enough to reassure business creators who are reluctant to start considering the current economic situation!

Absolutely! I think it’s time to get down to the restaurant business; The worst is behind us! Memphis in particular is an additional asset that protects investment, as it provides a specific, clearly identifiable universe. We are not a temporary consideration, which puts the business creator at great risk.

You have now changed your architectural concept. Can you tell me a little more?

The first architectural concept is ten years old, especially since we wanted to create it to separate ourselves from the 1950s. In order to reach more customers from the south, it seemed important to us to move away from it a little. The interior design of restaurants and the environment of companies has changed.

Newer restaurants are all in this form and older ones are more likely to switch to this duty if they wish. This is for every owner.

What candidate profile are you looking for to open a Memphis restaurant on your side?

We want business creators with experience in management and a genuine desire to work in their business. There is no place for pure investors in Memphis! You have to keep it alive to get it right!

In general, all entrepreneurs are welcome to both start and start a new business as part of a professional reuse.

Do you like some geographical areas better than others?

This time we are more in the West, but we are primarily acting on a chance basis. He should feel good about where that person wants to be, and if his plan persists, we will follow them!

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