NASA rover to identify river beds on Mars

NASA rover to identify river beds on Mars

Paris: Rivers flowed over Mars hundreds of billions of years ago. NASA scientists have revealed that the planet now looks like that stream. Scientists say images taken by NASA’s diligent rover show river beds on Mars. Based on this, they assume that evidence of ancient life can be found there. The Personality Rover is known to have landed in Zero Valley in February. It is suspected that a river may have been submerged thousands of years ago. The fan-shaped delta is believed to have formed there. Scientists diligently study photos taken with high-resolution cameras. Once upon a time there was a river bed. It is estimated that the water flowed there based on the tracks in the mountain valleys.

NASA astronomer Amy Williams, her team in Florida .. studied the features of the Martian mountains .. studied the features of the river beds on Earth. Looking at the three lines at the bottom, it is clear that at one time the water was overflowing. That is, about 3.7 billion years ago, Mars was estimated to be suitable for life. Some of the rocks in the valley are also said to be signs of water extraction there. “We think the delta was created by water based on images sent by Rover,” Williams said in a statement.

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