Is it time to leave WhatsApp?

Some social networking applications go through a very bad period after a sudden crash because many users are unable to access messages and conversations, prompting them to search for better options.

And the “WhatsApp” application is one of the applications that suddenly crashed, and its users were very frustrated on Monday, with the world’s most popular chat application being offline for more than six hours, one of the worst disruptions in the service owned by Facebook. ‘, Meaning millions could not chat with friends and family.

WhatsApp apologized to users with a message saying, “We are now back and working 100%. While our teams worked hard to get WhatsApp back, thank you to everyone around the world for your patience today.”

“Sorry for interrupting today – I know how much you rely on our services to stay in touch with the people you love,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg added.

Despite this attack, it is clear that millions of WhatsApp users are not happy that one of the company’s biggest competitors is announcing registration numbers on its service.

Like WhatsApp, Telegram offers fully encrypted chats and easy ways to stay in touch with friends on both Android and iPhone.

The Telegram has about 500 million users – but Monday’s crash confirmed that more than 70 million people rushed in on Monday alone.

This is a registration number and if all these people keep changing it could be a big problem for WhatsApp in the future.

Commenting further on the news, Telegram Pavel Drove explained: “Telegram has seen a record increase in user registration and activity. The daily growth rate of Telegram usage is higher than normal, and we have received more than 70 million users in a single day from other sites”.

He continued, “I am proud of the way our team has handled unprecedented growth, because Telegram continues to function flawlessly for the majority of our users. And to new users, I would like to say – Telegram, the biggest platform for independent reporting. We will not let you down when others fail.”


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