How Arcus Torpedo did it to sell French submarines to Australia

French naval nuclear attack submarine at the Dulone naval base, June 12, 2020.

History may recall that above the fog of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans a decisive military alliance was imposed on the tectonics of the world’s geopolitical plates. At 9:38 pm in Washington on Tuesday, September 14, several American and foreign journalists saw the invitation of the National Security Council attached to the White House. The announced theme is vague: “The background to the national security effort”.

Nothing unusual at this point. Once set aside for a particular occasion, “abstractions” have become the norm for many international subjects, under the pressure of social networks and constant information. At any moment, with very little notice, journalists were called upon to take note of political positions that weighed up to a millimeter. Pure Proclamation is the king there.

Therefore, on Wednesday, September 15, a new alliance between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, Baptized Axus, Unexpectedly takes itself into the editorial agenda. Reviewing the script of this press conference The world Attended and lectured. We are talking“Historical Announcement”, Of “Australia’s biggest strategic move in generations”, But there is no formal agreement, no signature. That’s from the opening “Discussions” For eighteen months, to finally deliver nuclear submarines to Canberra. The fact that it could clash with another deal, the French, which aims to deliver 12 diesel-powered submarines to Australia by a naval team, was ejected in a row. “Australia should see it. (…) It will be fixed in the next few days “ The U.S. official was interviewed.

New strategy

In Paris, at that time, about the face of Canberra, recently, we already knew. Some versions differ. But, overall, between the evening of September 14 and the morning of September 15, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison tried to contact Emmanuel Macron on the phone at least twice, including once during security. At the same time as the Council, the Australian Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs are contacting their French counterparts to tell the news. The head of state is not the only one taking the call. Meanwhile, a letter arrives at Elysee Palace at noon on September 15th. It condemns the writing of the contract with the Navy Group.

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