Former French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced the name of his new political party

Former French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced the name of his new political party

UpdateFifteen months after leaving Madiknon, Edward Philip on Saturday launched his own party, called “Horizons”, to “participate in the constitution of the new political concession” and expand the right wing of support for Emmanuel Macron.

“With Horizons, we’m going to define a strategy for France, it’s a joint venture,” the former prime minister (former LR) began in his hometown of Le Havre, where he chose the name “because you ‘look away.”

“Its position is ahead,” he added, “the logic of partnership, bringing together” and “wanting peace rather than line fever.”

And “second clear line of support for the President of the Republic” so that “the next five years will be fruitful years”.

Because he said, “My goal is to get Emmanuel Macron re-elected in 2022.”

“If this is a banner, we will be back,” he promised, much appreciated, while at the same time asking LREM and MoDem to treat this “common home” equally.

The trip was led by Christoph Costner (LREM), Oliver Beckett (Akir) and Patrick Mignola (MoDem), heads of three parliamentary committees with a majority in the legislature.

160 mayors, 600 local elected officials (including mayors Fontainebleau Frédéric Valletoux, and Reims Arnaud Robinet) and sixty parliamentarians, including Mary Lebeck, Pierre-Yves Barnesall, Naïma Moutchou and Marie Guévenoux, attended.

During the nearly two-hour conversation, with notes by Nicolas Sarkozy, Valerie Kiscard de Estang and Alexandre Dumas, Edward Philippe made the “four biggest and significant changes” facing the country – demographics, the environment, geopolitics and technology – and “responsiveness” Protected “synchronization”.


He called for “keeping our books in order and on our streets” and for a long time defended his idea of ​​”probably” raising the retirement age to “65, 66, 67”. With multiple winks on the right, the former LR is suspected of wanting to chiffon his ex-family as 2022 approaches, with candidate name or Eric Gemmore hesitating to use the far right impressive attraction. -In hand.

“The beam works, trust me, it doesn’t work,” said Edward Phillip, referring to a political reform that is “apparently in progress”. He further added that the re-election of Emmanuel Macron would “require an expansion of his electoral base”.

When he came to Le Havre, Olivier Beckett, referring to the members of the “UDI that shares the LR and our values”, had already promised, “If Edward Philippe brings these people back to the public house, it will be very positive. .

The new party will “make it possible to create a strong offensive, but not just for the presidential election,” Patrick Mignola added.

The party’s laws will be deposited Monday

In this device, elected officials will be prominent, and many Macron-compliant right-wing mayors have already joined the “mayor’s Republic” movement. The new creation will give them a special place because they will have their own “meeting of mayors” who will elect the vice president.

The party’s laws will be deposited on Monday, and will be provided with a charter of 20 policies that protect “continuity of country change”, “order”, “social justice” and the “European Plan”. . It is a question of fighting the “extreme of all lines”, the “enemies of secularism”, the “partners of the fall” and the “innocent and people of immigration”.

To the left of Macroni, the Small Territories de Progress Party, launched in early 2020 by Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, is holding its own convention in Bordeaux on Saturday. Budget Minister Oliver Dusoft (former PS) can accept the presidency.

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