Windows 11 and AMD Raison – Some systems with AMD have a 15% reduction in performance

Windows 11 and AMD Raison - Some systems with AMD have a 15% reduction in performance

Windows 11 may have been officially released recently, but Microsoft is launching a new version of the operating system again Headache For some users.

As announced by AMD, Based on some Raison processor models computer users can sometimes reduce their performance by up to 15%.

AMD and Microsoft have teamed up to troubleshoot two major issues with Windows 11 on AMD Raison PCs. First, the delay of Windows 11 Level 3 or L3 cache can be tripled with AMD, suggesting that this problem can reduce performance by 3 to 5% in some applications. At other times, there may be odds, such as eSports games. Go down 10 to 15%.

A problem with AMD technology has been found in Windows 11, “Preferred core1, which is used to send texts to the processor’s fast center each time. AMD warns that users may experience performance issues on tasks that rely on a high percentage of processor resources, especially on processors with more than eight cores and systems with approximately 65W DTP.

Both companies have officially stated that they will “investigate these known issues to resolve them with software improvements”. Both companies promise a solution to the problem by making updates available to consumers later this month.

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