Why walking in space is difficult and dangerous

Why walking in space is difficult and dangerous

Anyone who has seen the footage of the space corridors will agree that it looks exciting. But really, these fights are very dangerous.

Astronauts rarely go into space

Astronauts rarely go into space /: :О: Pixabe

Imagine: You go into space, you have the earth below you. The vision is mesmerizing. But in reality, spacewalks are dangerous, time consuming and expensive.

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The astronauts had to prepare for several hours for an astronaut walk… First, they must wear sealed space suits to expel all the nitrogen in the body and breathe oxygen for several hours.

An astronaut prepares for an astronaut mission. Photo: NASA

This allows them Prevent decompression or decompressionWhen painful and deadly nitrogen bubbles form in the bloodstream.

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Astronauts go into space without smoking. Each exit is associated with a specific task. For the most part, all outdoor work is done by the Condom 2 robot hand.

If the service organization is unable to handle certain tasks, a person is sent to assist.

An astronaut works in space using the Condom 2 system. Photo: Wikipedia

So every exit is with the risk of flying into space Astronauts use safety ropesStay close to the spacecraft. Despite a case where a special winch was separated from Pierce Sellers’ space suite, colleagues noticed this in a timely manner and corrected the malfunction.

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Except, The astronauts created the Safer system (Simplified Assistance for EVA Recovery) With a backpack with a jet engine, with its help an astronaut can go at zero gravity as a last resort. He controls it with a joystick.

Safer was first tested in 1994. Astronauts wear it every time they go into space, but so far they have never had a chance to use it.

Another factor that makes space travel dangerous – Chance of colliding with space debris… Assuming that the rotational speed of the orbital station is about 7 km / s, even a small particle collision is more intense than a bullet.

Bruce McCandless in space. Photo by NASA

By the way, before the advent of the safer system, in February 1984, astronaut Bruce McCandless Became the first astronaut to travel in space without being attached to a spacecraft.

For the movement, he used the Unmanned Maneuver Unit (MMU), but after the disaster, the Challenger revised work safety standards and banned its use.

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