En NFL, LeBron serait quand même devenu LeBron

In the NFL, LeBron James would still be LeBron James

Travis Gells None. The 32-year-old is one of the best American footballers on the planet in his career, with his teammate Patrick Mahomes in the Kansas City Chiefs jersey. Tight in the NFL since 2012, Kelsey has been good at judging the qualities of an individual who occupies this place on the field. Paragraph In the podcast JJ Redick, Old Man and Three, winner of the Super Bowl in 2020 talked about its legitimacy LeBron James In the case.

It is safe to say that Gells believed in the chances of LeBron making an impact in the league if he decided to switch sides.

“I ‘m 1000% sure he can play tight in the NFL. His playing ability is wonderfully translated into a football pitch. I saw many basketball players from college playing with clothes. The concern of these players is sprint, they are on edge. .

His progress was tremendous as he ran. He masters an acceleration, a recession and everything that makes him stay in the tempo of his choice for a period of competition. It would be perfect on an American football field. He will probably replace LeBron James of the NBA with LeBron James of the NFL. “

Not long ago, LeBron admitted that two owners had offered him to sign on to the NFl during the last NBA lockout.

Jerry Jones (owner of the Dallas Cowboys) and Pete Carroll (coach and head of the Seattle Seahawks) offered me a contract during the lockout. Clearly my idea boiled again. Every Sunday.

We finally reached an agreement in the NBA and I quickly headed back upstairs. I thought clearly about it.

“I would have added it to the team. Of course I would have won the exams, but I would have won. You need to know that I’m not afraid to work to get something. So if I had to pass the exams, I would have done it on a field, especially at my age. I know I can, “he explained to the athlete.

LeBron James in the NFL? In 2011, he thought seriously about it

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