IMF leader incites corruption: “pro-Chinese” ahead of dismissal

IMF leader incites corruption: "pro-Chinese" ahead of dismissal

IMF leader Kristalina Georgieva is trying her best to escape corruption.

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Photo: Epa / ERIK S. LESSER

Photo: Epa / ERIK S. LESSER

He exploded after being summoned by the Wilmerhail Report, the World Bank canceled the business news which was ranked according to World Bank business circumstances.

The Wilmerhail report, among others, states that Georgia, a former member of the World Bank, put pressure on the creators of companies doing business in favor of certain countries and thus sought to improve China’s position on the ladder.

As the World Bank halted its highly influential 17-year publication, the findings of the Wilmerhail report became questionable, leaving only the question of whether Georgiev could continue to run the International Monetary Fund (IMF), another important global financial institution, after the world. Bank ..

That is, doing business is a large and very costly project, in which 12,500 experts collected data with strong influence on the rules and conditions of daily trading in 190 countries in many countries, and it is clear that such an attempt was not canceled without very firm arguments. In particular some governments have introduced monitoring the progress of the trading ladder in their national programs. But now the former head of the World Bank and the current head of the IMF are fiercely defending and attacking Wilmerhail to make decisions based on unverified information.

A meeting of the IMF’s executive committee was held on Thursday in which they questioned Georgie about the allegations in the Wilmerhail report, who had artificially raised China on the trade ladder, but eventually they split endlessly, saying they still needed to discuss the role of the IMF leader and create a trade ladder.

The final decision on Georgie’s actions will be made on Friday before the regular annual meeting of the IMF and the World Bank, which convenes finance ministers and central bankers in Washington.

In the controversial “Doing Business 2018” report, China advanced seven places after the change of system.

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