Dragon Ball Super – Superhero: The new movie comes out with an attractive first trailer

Announced last May, Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, The first animated film Dragon ball Since leaving Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Has just been revealed with the first trailer.

Intriguing new character

On May 9, Akira Toriyama, the famous creator Dragon ballAnnounces production of a new animated film: Dragon Ball Super: Superhero. The second animated film in the series Dragon Ball Super, Then Dragon Ball Super: Broly Released in 2018, Crowned with mysteries, this new film is eagerly awaited by fans, especially since Doriama announced an existence. “Unexpected character“.

In the case of the group Dragon Ball Super: Superhero Comic-Con in New York (Further proof of the deep interest of the American people in the work of Akira Toriyama), the first pictures of the film have been released.

If the trailer is too avoidable in relation to the story Dragon Ball Super: SuperheroShe is teasing though The arrival of a secret organization working in the shadows, Son is very interested in Goku, Vegita and Poo. We can see that too If we believe the fight scenes shown, the superhero of the title will be the enemy of Goku and his friends.. Is he being exploited by the secret system, which makes him believe that Z Warriors are dangerous to the planet? Patience is needed before finding the answer, because it is necessary to wait until 2022.

However, we will remember two things from the trailer: First, if we know that Bon, the daughter of Cohen and Vital, will be the main character in the story, Dragon Ball Super: Superhero It may be her first time becoming a super chain, Her extreme concentration and the energy radiating around her may suggest.

Then, for this second film of the era Dragon Ball Super, Doi and Akira Toriyama have chosen a bias, which can be highly commented upon as the film benefitsA small mix of 3D / 2D animations is very visible in some scenes of the trailer.

Fans quickly noticed an amazing detail: in fact, at 1/10 of a second, As we can see Son Goku fights Broly. Our hero seems to be training his old enemy Peirce, the god of destruction. Remember at the end Dragon Ball Super: BrolyGoku promised to train Broly. He obviously kept his promise!

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