Are Australians forced to take selfies to prove their loneliness? Warning

Are Australians forced to take selfies to prove their loneliness?  Warning

Imagine a global epidemic managed by methods Orwellian surveillance is worthy 1984. According to several Internet users, this is currently happening in Australia: “To track people, the government sends them a text message. Then they have 5 minutes to take a selfie to prove they are home, otherwise the police will come.”
Twitter Warn about monitoring methods used
Australia, Control measures in the face of the third wave in different states since June are following each other
Govit-19. In Sydney, for example, about 5 million people are incarcerated.
Action to be removed on October 11th.

Internet users claim that the Australian government uses selfies to verify compliance with its citizens’ regulations. – Screenshot

What is it really? 20 minutes Conducted the investigation.

Fake off

The viral tweet deceptively presents an ongoing project in a state on the continent. The South Australian government created an application in early September to restrict the isolation of travelers entering a region. Currently, “authorized passengers entering Australia are subject to compulsory isolation for fourteen days, at their expense, at a place designated by the local authorities”. Underlines the Quai d’Orsay.

On the South Australian Government website, Frequently Asked Questions Specifies the definitions of the application. “Home Isolation South Australia” allows travelers to “home isolate”. “This will increase South Australia’s isolation capacity and provide a safer, more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to hospital-based hotel isolation,” the government page explains. The mandatory dimension is completely excluded: “Home Isolation SA is currently based on a voluntary basis. “

How does the application work? It records your location with each random registration request. [envoyée par les autorités] Make sure you are at your reported address “. After the request of the authorities, it is stated that” you have 15 minutes to register “.

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If you have not confirmed your location, the utility panel will invite you to “discuss the reasons for the failure of your check-in”. If the call is not answered, “a compliance officer may come to an authorized address to verify that you are safe and that you are following your instructions.”

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