Anger in Spain: Woman diagnosed with ‘homosexuality’

Anger in Spain: Woman diagnosed with 'homosexuality'

There was anger at Spain News that a 19-year-old lesbian was “diagnosed” in a hospital with homosexualityAfter a medical visit with a gynecologist.

Last Monday, the woman went to see a doctor at Reina Sophia Hospital in Murcia for her menstrual-related problem. After the examination, she was given a document: “Current Disease: Homosexuality”.

Reported by DefenderThe gynecologist asked the 19-year-old if he could include his sexual orientation in his report, and he agreed.

“At first I thought it was fun, but it’s not …” he said. Together with her mother, they reported the incident to the Galactico organization, which lodged a formal complaint with the Murcia government and local authorities.

The World Health Organization removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses in 1990, but 31 years later there are still some health professionals who view sexual orientation as a disease in Murcia, the organization said in a statement.

Galactico demands explanations, accusing local authorities of neglecting the patient’s legal rights. At the same time, he insists that the incident was nothing more than personal.

“Our company has received numerous reports of substandard treatment due to sexual orientation or gender identity. It is worrying, unacceptable and intolerable that there are professionals responsible for our health today who ignore the facts about them. ΛΟΑΤΚΙ +“, Refers to the organization’s announcement among other things.

Local health officials are aware of the problem and will take necessary steps to verify the facts and proceed accordingly. The hospital apologizes to the patient.“, Their representative told Eldiorio.

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