Analysis: Astros vs. White Socks

Analysis: Astros vs. White Socks

To start the divisional playoff rivals, the Chicago White Sox will visit the home of the Houston Astros for a top-five series game 1.

The Astros will be trying to advance to the championship series for the fifth year in a row. In the regular season, the Astros won five games against the White Sox with two defeats. They were more than 42-25 points during those meetings. However, the list of the two teams has changed and it is not necessary to tell us the truth.

Without further ado, here is an analysis of the forces playing in this series.


The White Sox averaged the fifth-best scoring run of all major league baseball in 2021. In addition, they can count on the services of Carlos Roden, who was slow due to problems with his hand late in the season. The latter will only get a start in the series.

Lance Lynn and Lucas Giolito will be the starters in the first two encounters. They will face Lance McCuller Jr. and Framber Waltz. Neither team decided the start of Game Three.

Not to be outdone are the Astros Gunners who acted above expectations during this campaign.

Relief envelope

Evidence that times are changing is that two former recipients of the Sai Young Cup may have formed in the relay enclosure because Zack Greenke and Dallas Kouchel may not have started meetings during this series. However, Kiechel was sidelined from the White Sox list.

For the rest of the reliefs, we should give the benefit to white socks, even if Craig Kimble is no longer a shadow of himself. Liam Hendrix, Garrett Crosette and Michael Kobek should own the castle. On the Astros side, Ryan Presley had another fantastic season and Houston added depth with others, including Kendall Graveman and Christian Javier.

Starting sequence

He led the Houston Majors with a 276 batting average and a 339 trail average. There are only four players on the Texas list who do not have playoff experience. Astros is ninth in the Major for home runs. However, they are beaten to play the ball.

For their part, the Vice Sox are one of the most talented teams in baseball, having not had its full list for most of the season because of the long absence of Luis Robert, Yasmani Grantel and Eloy Jimenez. In health, they need to prove that they can compete with the striking power of astros.

Bench depth

Like the Astros, white socks also have a lot of weapons that can be used in different situations. Chicago can play less in their batting order depending on the opponent’s pitcher. This is possible for their depth on the bench.

However, Jose Abreu’s health is a topic of conversation and it is difficult to replace him on the first site in the long absence.


In the presence of Tony La Rusa (77 years old) and Dusty Baker (72 years old) we will take part in the clash of Septuagenarians for the manager position. So the experience in this series will not be less.

La Rosa returned to the playoffs for the first time since winning the 2011 World Series with the St. Louis Cardinals before retiring. For his part, Dusty Baker is still looking for his first title.


As mentioned above, the condition of first cushion player Jose Abrew is a question mark, he did not travel to Houston with his team because he showed flu-like symptoms. This will be a file to watch carefully as the series develops.

The experience of Astros in the series will not be ignored in this fight, and it will tend to criteria. It remains to be seen how the Bass Blanks will react to a good build-up as they face all sorts of problems against teams that maintain a record of over .500 in 2021.

Regardless, this is the best time of the year and this series should not disappoint us.

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