United States. No need to read a book, this invention compiles for you

United States.  No need to read a book, this invention compiles for you

All the students dreamed of one day: no need to read the book anymore, in short!

This dream was fulfilled by an American company. GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) reads a book and summarizes it, Count again 20 minutes.

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Presented by OpenAI on September 23rd, this invention can produce more or less detailed summaries after the book is cut into parts. Any job can be any length. Artificial intelligence then only creates a set between these different contractions.

These works are well done because these abstracts can “achieve the quality of” abstract written by the average quality man, “says OpenAI.

This discovery is of interest to web companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft. As we recall, this could revolutionize the way we work 20 minutesAccording to the SearchYourCloud survey, employees spend an average of 9.3 hours per week researching work-related information. Artificial intelligence can do anything for them.

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