Running America gives a new look to history

Running America gives a new look to history

Theater. Sports Running USA Participates in the Maison Des Art Show in Drummondville on October 19th. Alexandre Castongue, Soleil Lunier and Patrice Dubois describe the little-known journey of men and women who discovered history and contributed in their own way to building America.

The starting point of the project is work They treated America And They created the United States By Serge B. Chachard and Mary-Christine Lowesquel. Director and actor Patrice Dubois was challenged by these books that shed light on the story of the forgotten heroes.

As I read, I had the impression that the boundaries of the territory had been redrawn. These people crossed territory beyond my geopolitical imagination. Quebec is often referred to as the Isolated Francophone Country in North America. I imagined it belonged to a bigger, bigger and more complex story that was taught to me, ”he says.

In the middle of the platform is placed a block of earth, which allows manipulation. (Photo: Sylvie-Ann Barry)

Patrice Dubois was inspired by the exploits of these pioneers. Here, we are referring to Etienne Brelay, the first Frenchman to live with the tribe as a talented translator. Not forgetting Mary-Anne Capori, she was the first woman of European descent to cross 2,500 kilometers and explore western Canada.

The latter surrounded himself with Abyssinian artist Alexandre Costongue and still artist Soleil Lounier to create the play. They chose to simulate their own person to share their personal experiences.

“We thought it was important to speak from our point of view. Solail comes from a French-speaking mother and a tribal father. It has a hallmark between the two cultures. For my part, I want to tell my children about my relationship. We thought it was important to talk from us, not talk about.

Its purpose is to look at the past, present, and future history differently. “Knowing what you know about past mistakes, how do you say it today?” Many reflections are presented in the piece, which opens up a dialogue with the audience.

All three chose refined decor. A large pile of earth is placed in the center representing the landscape. “The territory is in a box. A block of land we locked up, we’m going to play. It’s a living scene,” said Patrice Dubois.

Running USA Presented at several locations throughout the district. Soon, the group will stop at 7:30 pm on October 19, in Maison des Arts, Drummondville. After the performance the actors will stay in the room to discuss with the audience.

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