George Clooney is ashamed: Amal is not allowed to watch this cult movie

George Clooney is ashamed: Amal is not allowed to watch this cult movie

In his famous film career, George Clooney He has many fond memories of his shoots. But from the American press Variety, Monday, October 4, 2021 The 60-year-old actor has shed some more of his bad memories. Especially about his appearance in Saga Batman

The press asked about his possible appearance in the film Flash (Scheduled for theatrical release in 2022), George Clooney simply noted that the directors had not made any proposal to him in this regard. In 1997, he starred as Bad Hero Batman & Robin Directed by Joel Schumacher, mockingly added: “When you destroy a franchise like I did, When they usually look the other way ‘Flash ‘.“His appearance in the famous DC Comics saga is very saddened by the actor today …

Amal Clooney, who came in during the interview, later revealed about her husband. Regarding Batman & RobinThe brilliant human rights lawyer promised that her husband would not allow her to see the film! George Clooney avoids seeing his wife in a jumpsuit and cape, as this role does not really reflect the level of his talent. “There are some movies where I think ‘my wife has respect for me’“, He always said jokingly.

But after Amal Clooney mentioned the chance to see their twins Alexander and Ella (born in 2017) in this superhero movie in the future, the father quickly responded: “It’s bad if your four-year-old says ‘sucks’“, He said.”This can be painful. “George Clooney would definitely like to show them the trilogy. Ocean, Syriana, Gravity Or Arco, The film that won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2013!

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