F1 – He competes in the London Marathon wearing Lance Strolin’s suit and helmet F1only.fr

F1 - Il participe au marathon de Londres avec la combinaison et le casque de Lance Stroll

Last Sunday George Crawford – a software developer within the team Aston Martin – Participated in the London Marathon in unusual attire, especially not very comfortable to run.

In fact, wearing a Aston Martin team member London Marathon as a Formula 1 driver in 3 hours and 58 minutes, he “borrowed” a suit, gloves, boots, underwear and a Canadian Lance Strolin helmet. Crawford competed in the London Marathon with the aim of raising 5,000 for charity.

Crawford was the only man to attend Crawford, dressed as the driver of the Aston Martin F1 team, and Crawford went one step further by celebrating his performance with the show. [célébration qui consiste à boire le Champagne dans sa propre chaussure et qui a été introduit en F1 grâce à l’Australien Daniel Ricciardo].

The Aston Martin team congratulated on social media after their achievement, and George Crawford also received praise from Lance Stroll: “It fits you like a glove … Congratulations on this great achievement.” “ Canadian wrote on social media.

On a purely sporting level, Ethiopian Sisai Lemma won the 2021 London Marathon in 2 hours 4 minutes 1 second, ahead of Kenya’s Vincent Gibsumba (+27 seconds) and another Ethiopian Mosinet Jeremy (+40 seconds).

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