3 Great Businesses Mentioned for Carl-Anthony Cities!

NBA analysis

Timberwolves must have the weapons to have a good season and join the fight for the playoffs … but if there are no results, Carl-Anthony Downs can pack his bags and join one of the three owners mentioned on the site HoopsHabit.

New Orleans Pelicans

Carl-Anthony Town in Pelicans Jersey
NBA Analysis (DR)
  • Timberwolves receives: Brandon Ingram, Jonas Valencianas
  • Pelicans receive: Carl-Anthony Downs, Josh Okoki

Brandon Ingram was not comfortable when he exploded with the Pelicans last season Zion Williamson. In Minnesota, he could take control of a trusted franchise and form a top trio with D’Angelo Russell and Anthony Edwards. On the other hand, what about a Zion / KAT scam?

New York Knicks

  • Timberwolves receives: Evan Fournier, Obi Tobin, Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson
  • Knicks receives: Carl-Anthony Downs, Josh Okoki

The Knicks rediscovered the taste of success last season and a superstar like KAD will help turn that right back into a stronghold in the NBA … In the Big Apple, the only coach who took him will find Tom Thibodo. Playoffs, which will make fans dream. According to Nix, such maneuvering will give Anthony Edwards the keys by surrounding him with experienced and talented players.

Golden State Warriors

  • Timberwolves receives: Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Cummins, James Wiseman
  • Veterans receive: Carl-Anthony Downs, Dorian Prince

The same If the Warriors had their new Splash brother, They may be tempted to bring in another superstar at the last minute before Steff Curry retires. Who better to do this than Carl-Anthony Downs. The back of the bow is great, it fits right in with the Steve Kerr system! It remains to be seen if the wolves will like Andrew Wiggins again.

Carl-Anthony Downs can pack his bags if the Timberwolves season turns sour. Lawyers should not be missed if this is the case.

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