What are the cheapest areas to rent a room in London?


Although the capital is the dream of many of us, London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Living there is expensive, and housing is no exception. So, which environment should you go to when your budget is tight?

Renting a room in London is absolutely terrifying and huge. This is why Sparrow, London’s leading rental site, has come up with interesting data for Time Out to help you choose the right area for you. These average prices were calculated in approximately 58,000 ads published on the Spareroom site in July, August and September 2021. It does not cost a fortune to rent a room here:

1. SE2: Abe Wood, West Heath, Grossness and Thamesmeet

According to the site, SE2 is the area with the most affordable rooms. The rent there averages £ 563 per month. The area under the Thames is close to the Broadway Shopping Center and the Lessness Abbey Woods Nature Reserve.

2. E6: East Ham

The second part, which offers a spareroom, has 8,568 rooms per month in East Ham. It is located east of the Canary Wharf and is close to London Airport and the University of East London.

3. N9: Edmonton

The area offers rooms from 579 rooms. Edmonton, located north of the capital near Tottenham County, is home to many golf courses and parks.

4. SE25: South Norwood

Located in Greater London, very close to the Crystal Palace, this small residential area offers rooms from £ 583. Across the landscape, the district is full of small parks and has a theater and a cinema.

5. E13: Plasto, Newham

Near East Ham, the E13 area shares rooms from 585 per month. This is the only Newham University hospital in the district, opposite a fire station, enough to ensure your safety!

6. SE9: Eltm

Very close to Louisham, this area shares apartments priced at ap 587. Very lush, area full of golf courses, as well as beautiful places like Eldm Palace.

7. N21: Grunge Park, Winchmore Hill, Edmonton

Next to Edmonton, the N21 area offers rooms for £ 591 per month. It is a quiet area surrounded by many schools, green spaces and sports clubs (cricket, football, tennis, hockey).

8. E11: Desired, Leightonstone

The youngest on the list, located north of Stratford, has rooms priced at 592 per month. Well served by Central Line and Over Ground, it is a district that delights fans of one-stop golf and lush spots. It is located near Whips Cross University Hospital.

At the other end of the list, in Kensington, near Hyde Park and the National Museum, the average rent is 10,102 per month.

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