‘Stanford prison trial’, trial to be stopped for tragedy

"Incluso hay películas sobre el experimento de Stanford", aseguró.

Like every Tuesday Federico Garcia Bravo, Bachelor of Forensic Science And criminal, was In it we are With his paragraph of RN RADIO 89.3. He told us about it today “Stanford Prison Test.” “Today’s protagonist is Philip Zimbardo, a professor of social psychology at that university A ‘good’ person tried to define whether they could change their way based on the environment. Thus he appointed a committee Students and asked them to imagine being in prison. Some were guards and others were prisoners, and there were real cops. “, Listen to the story:

“The strange thing is that the trial lasted only six days and then it was canceled because of how sad it became.” Listen to several paragraphs like this RN Radio By FM 89.3 (In Newcon Capital) or from the Internet rionegro.com.ar/radio

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