Shooting of the first film in orbit

Shooting of the first film in orbit

In the context of the Russian-American rivalry, this cinematic adventure also seems like a new race for exploitation in space.

Ahead of the US plan to compete with Tom Cruise, a Russian actress and director arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) yesterday to take the first picture in orbit history.

With wide smiles, actress Yulia Perssild, director Klim Cipenko and senior astronaut Anton Sakaplerov boarded the GMT orbit station 6 hours after leaving Earth, according to images aired by the Russian space agency (Roscosmos).

“Everything was new to me today […] During a brief speech from Roscosmos’ ISS broadcast, Yulia Perssild announced that her hair would float like a halo.

The 37-year-old actress and 38-year-old director, who will be coming to Earth on October 17, are set to shoot for 12 days temporarily titled “Challenge”. It will have a surgeon whose purpose is to save an astronaut.

But in the context of the Russo-American rivalry, this cinematic adventure also seems like a new race for exploitation in space, 60 years after the first man was placed in the orbit of the Soviet Union.

Roscosmos revealed his ambition last year after announcing a shooting plan at ISS with Saga star Tom Cruise for “Mission Impossible” in collaboration with NASA and SpaceX ‘Ellen Musk. The powerful boss of the Pervi Canal TV channel, Konstantin Ernst, one of the producers of the Russian film, said that after the capsule was attached to the ISS, he was able to talk to the team. “They’re in a good mood, they feel good,” he said.

Mr. Sipenko began filming before he arrived on board the ISS.

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