Sao Paulo is the only Latin American city in the world rankings of high impact science

Nature Index Science Cities, a subsidiary of the Nature Group, has released its 2021 rankings, focusing on identifying cities that contribute the most to scientific research with global impact. City. Latin America: Sao Paulo.

In the previous edition, the capital of Sவோo Paulo was ranked 172nd out of 200 cities. Now Sao Paulo has moved up to 139th place.

Sao Paulo is the only Latin American city
Solar panels in Park Villa Lobos, Sao Paulo. Citadel is recognized in all Latin America as one of the world’s greatest contributors to high impact science. Image: ADVTP –

“We believe that long-term investment is important for science. Sao Paulo is a city that has always been maintained as a priority investment in science and technology by FAPESP, one of the largest scientific financiers in the country, regardless of political or economic circumstances. Highlighting, said Aden Texira, director of sales for Latin America and the Caribbean, the publisher of Springer Nature.

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How the global science of high impact is ranked

According to the organization, it is based on the institutional links of authors to articles published in 82 high-impact international scientific journals regulated by the Natural Code, including natural, scientific and cell journals.

The journals were selected by independent groups of top natural science researchers and asked to indicate in which vehicles they would like to publish their best work. Its discussions were surveyed by more than 6,000 scientists around the world.

1633545725 172 Sao Paulo Latin American city only
Studies aimed at controlling the Govit-19 epidemic may have contributed to a good place in the So Paulo rankings. Image: PhotoConceptum –

According to Agensia FabSP, the current version of the list includes articles published from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2020, which include the onset of the Govit-19 epidemic. The contribution of each city is calculated by adding the contribution of the affiliated companies there.

“We believe a number of factors may be involved in improving Sao Paulo’s ranking on the list, with increased publication of Covid-19 in more studies and high-impact journals. Who are the real experts in this type of study,” Dexiera explains.

For the fourth year in a row, Beijing tops the list, followed by New York, Boston, San Francisco and Shanghai.

The cities are ranked by 17 SDGs (United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations) based on research published in 82 journals tracked by the Natural Code.

Sao Paulo is the only Latin American city to rank 141st in the list. Beijing again tops the list, followed by San Francisco, New York, Baltimore and Boston.

The largest central research institutes, in addition to the major universities in the country, are located in Sao Paulo. They are tasked with doing important research on themes related to SDGs, ”says Dexira.

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