Racism: Tesla will pay 118 million euros to a former employee

Racism: Tesla will pay 118 million euros to a former employee

Tesla, an American company, was fined $ 136.9 million, or nearly 118 million euros, by the California Arbitration Tribunal on Monday, October 4, for racist activities against a former black employee.

Owen Diaz, who was hired as a freight lift operator by a recruitment agency in June 2015, faced racist insults until the carmaker’s July 2016 departure from the Formont (California) plant.

According to Bloomberg News reported by AFP, the plaintiff won the lawsuit against Auto. Arbitration in San Francisco federal court ordered Tesla to pay nearly 118 million euros in damages.

The complainant warned of the abuse received at the Fremont plant, and the management of the company did not react to stop these actions, which led to this registration permit. “We are pleased to see the arbitrator find the truth and determine the amount that will make Tesla operational,” plaintiff’s lawyer Lawrence Argan told the Washington Post.

Owen Dias, who worked with his son at the company, said during his investigation that racist and derogatory nicknames were common within the factory. Valerie Capers Workman, Tesla’s vice president of human resources, echoed this, pointing out during her investigation that she “constantly listens to racist slanders” such as “knickers” (meaning “knickers”).

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