Players of the Week 4: Youth in Power

Players of the Week 4: Youth in Power

Under-24 on both offensive and defensive teams and new in the NFL with Player of the Week under the week. Joe Burrow confirms that his injury is now a distant memory. With 78% completion and 3rd win in 4 games for the Bengals, the quarterback has a good expression and continues to guarantee his prowess. Daniel Jones, often criticized for the loss of balls, had a clean start to the season as his first win at the New Orleans Super Dome. The Giants pitcher has reached the highest total yards of his career and seems well and truly on track to progress.

On the other side of the ball, Trevan Dix continues his recitation at the Cowboys backfield. With the 4th and 5th interceptions of the year, the former Alabama Corner Pack asserts himself to be a decisive playmaker and a key element of the Texas defensive renewal. At the AFC, the Pills defense continued to intimidate attacks with a second game without giving up any points. Dramine Edmunds was often in the oven and behind the mill curtains and was a leader in his own strength show.

If Washington goes on to snatch victory in Atlanta, it’s thanks to Dendre Carter’s dedicated return for the touch. The Colts were able to rely on Ricoberto Sanchez’s lock for their part, who pushed the Vikings off the field as much as possible.

NFC Conference:

– Attack: Daniel Jones (QB, Giants), 28/40 402 yards and 2 touchdowns in victory against the Saints.

– Defensive: Trevan Dix (CB, Cowboys), 4 tackles and 2 interceptions in a win over the Panthers.

– Special groups: Diandre Carter (SD, Washington football team) touched 101 degrees to beat the Falcons.

AFC Conference:

– Attack: Joe Burrow (QB, Bengal), 25/32 for 348 yards, 2 touchdowns in the win against the Jaguars.

– Defensive: Tremine Edmunds (LP, Bills), 6 tackles and one interception in the win against Texans.

– Special groups: Ricoberto Sanchez (B, Golds) averaged 50 yards per pound, including two of the opponent’s 20 yards in the win over the Vikings.

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