– Government demands resignation for a week – Viji

Not for the game: Erna Solberg says there is a red-green majority in Norway, so she resigned. So he will hand over the PM’s seat to Jonas Care Store this week.

HURDAL (VG) Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) has said she will not run in any games and will submit her resignation within a week.


Former FRP President and newly elected Member of Parliament Carl I. Hagen Arrived Tuesday on the advice of Prime Minister Erna Solberg And SV Chairman Adun Lisboken.

Despite the red-green majority, Solberg was told she should not leave government power without further concern.

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Store and Role Government: Demanding more trained people

Lysboken was advised not to give his support to it The government reports that the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party will hold talks at the Hartelszone Hotel this week – They are expected to be completed before next week.

– Political games do not earn anyone

Erna Solberg tells Viji that he does not want to take part in any game like this.

Goes to the King: Erna Solberg says she will submit her resignation application to the King.

– This is an important democratic policy and tradition for peaceful and organized acquisitions in Norway. Although the SV is not part of the government, it is clear that they want a workers’ / socialist government. Erna Solberg says adding a politician will not benefit anyone.

– I will submit my resignation application to the King

That is why he has decided to resign.

Conservatives, along with the Liberal Party, the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats, have ruled the country for eight years. We lost the majority in the election this fall and already on election night I felt the end of the election. When the state budget for next year is submitted and the new government is ready to take charge, I will submit my resignation to the king and they will rule until the store government is ready to take charge, ”he added.

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50 shades of store

– The government will then be a business ministry, he says.

According to VG, it should have been clear that Erna Solberg should not be accused of forcing himself into power for as long as possible. She too quickly left Joe congratulated Biden Despite the efforts of Donald Trump and his supporters to invalidate the election, the US won the presidential election.

Background to Hagen’s proposal

The background to Hagen’s advice is that when Frp was in SV’s situation in 2001, he made a big mistake:

Conservatives, Christian Democrats and Liberals negotiated a government announcement in Cem Jestergard to form a government. They did not have a majority, but they were with Frp on the list.

Hagen backed the Pontevik government platform before the budget talks at the time.

Back: Carl I. Hagen is returning as a Member of Parliament this fall. He gets a cold shoulder from Erna Solberg.

Hagen told VG that Frp locked himself in a situation where he had to support the budget.

– We sat on the scissors. We formed the Bondavic government, he says, and it was difficult not to enter into a budget agreement.

By expressing support for the future Hurdle site, he says, Lisbon can avoid it without supporting the formation of the Storey government.

Viji also asked for an opinion on Hagen’s statements from SV, but they have not yet responded to our inquiry.

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