FNC | Six movies to watch in theaters or online

FNC |  Six movies to watch in theaters or online

50e The edition of Festival Du Novio Cinema begins this Wednesday with a presentation of the film Bootlecker, Carolyn Monet continues in the home until October 17th. What to watch in 86 movies of hybrid programming? Here are our six suggestions.

Andre Duchenne

Andre Duchenne

Abduction (International Competition Division)

Recognized in the field of animation (Honorary Crystal in Annecy in 2015), he continues his work with Florence Miahilhe writer Mary Desplech. Using the technique of animation painting on glass, Abduction Echoes Europe’s current immigration crisis. We follow two children, Kiona and Adriel, who are driven from their village by a dictatorial regime and descend into Odyssey in search of a better life.

Presented online this Wednesday at noon and on Friday at 6:30 pm at Cinema to Music

Kagarin (Part Panorama International)

In 1961, in Ivory-sur-Seine, a suburb of Paris, the city of Gagarin was built, a low-cost housing building opened by the famous Russian astronaut two years later. The building, in very poor condition, has been renovated since 2019. From this true story, Fanny Leard and Jeremy Droil have drawn a love story in which a group of young people try to save that space. In the official exam at Cannes 2020.

Online Friday night at 7pm for 72 hours only

Touch the road (Part Panorama International)

The first film by Iranian Pana Panahi (son of Jaber Panahi) and the first notable presence at Cannes (Directors Fortnight) this summer. Touch the road Surprisingly, a Road travel The visitor is invited to share the moments and feelings of many members of a dysfunctional family on their way to a secret location.

Saturday at 3:15 pm at the Cinema to Muse

In the mirror (International Competition Division)

Filmmaker Laila Bagalnina revisits the story of Snow White, which she uses to better condemn body worship in an age of social networking. The story is set in a training center in Riga, the capital of Latvia, where Snow White confronts her terrifying stepmother in a burby match. Picture full of self portraits and fun sports dancing!

Online on Wednesdays and Sundays at 8:30 pm at Cinema to Park, Room 1

Freaksin – The Story of Dinosaur Jr. (Time Division 1)

In the world of grunge, the band Dinosaur Jr., its latest album, Wipe it in spaceReleased in February, created a milestone. This German-American documentary looks back on the birth of the group and its present journey. Archive films, testimonials from many members and lots of music make up the fabric of this music documentary.

Presented online this Wednesday at noon and on Monday at 6.30pm at Cinema to Park, Room 1

1970 (Part Panorama International)

For the Cubans, the October 1970 crisis was similar. As for the poles, this year marks the roots of a popular discontent, especially at the Gdansk shipyard, which led to the emergence of the Solidarnosc union with the domino effects we know. The documentary is made up of unique archival films that combine anti-people and bloody oppression.

Presented online this Wednesday at noon and on Friday 15th October at 4pm at Cinema to Park, Room 1

With a few exceptions, online movies will be there until October 31st.

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