Bitcoin, unsolvable: the all-time high and then nothing up to $ 100,000

Bitcoin, unsolvable: the all-time high and then nothing up to $ 100,000

In just five sessions, Bitcoin’s futures have crossed the $ 55,000 mark today, surpassing today’s intraday high of $ 55,000. How Bitcoin spends them, not more or less than 35% rating within a week.

Technical analysis
Braking Resistance
Braking Resistance

Short term

Medium term

Long term

On September 24, in the middle of the adjustment phase, we were warned that a fall in the $ 41,000 area was absolutely right. Within normal parameters. Despite all the noises that were constantly flooding Bitcoin with day-to-day instability and all sorts of news, it was in front of us Simple ‘throw back’ Maximum in June and early August: $ 41,000-41,500. Hence the clavicular of the old level resistance (a ‘Head and shoulders‘Reverse) now acts in favor.

Three days later in another analysis of the ‘cryptos’ king and after learning it China banned We explained what kind of function is in cryptocurrencies and why Bitcoin passed at the Olympics Decision taken by an Asian company. And to this day.

Bitcoin’s ‘rally’ then led to a 35% reassessment in just 5 sessions September max Now nothing until the annual and historical climax $ 65,520 From the future. And above psychology $ 100,000 Everyone has been talking for months. why no? We already know that this is Bitcoin and that it is capable of everything. Its background or primary trend The bullying in the background never stopped That is what is so important.

Daily map of the future of Bitcoin

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