2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Benjamin List and David Macmillan – Science – Life

2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Benjamin List and David Macmillan - Science - Life

Scientists List of David WC McMillan y Benjamin Award winners
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing a tool for the construction of molecules has been announced by the Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, Organocatalysis.

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Applications of asymmetric organocatalysis include the investigation of new pharmaceutical products, and which contributed Chemistry is green.

Catalysts – substances that control and accelerate chemical reactions, but are not part of the final product – are basic mechanisms for chemists. But for a long time, scientists thought there were only two types of catalysts: metals and enzymes.

Benjamin List and David Macmillan both receive the prestigious award for creating “independent of each other” at 53, 2000. The Nobel Arbitration Board explained.

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Last year, the award was presented for research by French Emmanuel Sarpentier and American Jennifer Dautna.Molecular scissors“, A” revolutionary “development to change human genes.

Pioneers of next-generation DNA sequencing, nanocrystals or ambassador RNA vaccines against Covit-19 sounded among potential winners this year.

The Nobel season continues with literature on Thursday and silence on Friday. The most recently developed economy will be delivered on Monday. Due to the health crisis, for the second year in a row the prize winners will receive the award in their country of residence, although it is hoped that the Peace Prize winner will be able to collect it in Oslo.


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