Weekly Weather Forecast: Be quiet from Wednesday

Weekly Weather Forecast: Be quiet from Wednesday

By Gilles MatriganMeteorologist

This week is divided into two scenarios, with trouble, rainy and windy weather starting. Then in the second half of the week, the Azores will return higher, which will bring a clear improvement. Refreshment will be superficial.

The Atlantic regime, which disrupted the start of the week, continues to rain with strong winds until Wednesday. High pressures were returned for the rest of the week, after which very stable, but cool weather was guaranteed.

A restless Tuesday

This Tuesday, The disruption, driven by a highly energetic stress that spreads rapidly along the English Channel, extends from the southwest to the northeast. It operates at a speed of 100 km / h on the channel, especially with continuous rain and strong winds in its northern part. With the exception of the Mediterranean, the rain reaches the Alsace, Jura and Alps plains by the end of the afternoon.

And then progress

From tomorrow Wednesday, The height of the Azores moves towards the British Isles. Wednesday will become the day of bad weather at the beginning of the week and then the return of stable weather. There will be more rain from the Pyrenees to the eastern border as progress is seen near the Atlantic. Blowing at speeds of up to 100 km / h at Mistral and Tramontan in the Mediterranean.

Today, There will be a lot more clouds in the east and northeast, and some rain in the Alsace. From the Aquitaine Basin to central France, low clouds and morning fog lead to sunny spells in the afternoon. Elsewhere, the weather will be adequate, there is still a lot of misery near the Mediterranean and Tramontana.

FridayThe anticyclone will be stationed on France. But at this time of year, the sun is hard to warm the lower layers of the atmosphere with many clouds, fog and fog in the morning in the plains and valleys. Following that, the sun will eventually prevail in most parts of the country. The weather will be good in the Atlantic regions in the south of France and in all of our mountain ranges. Only the fierce southeast will float with threatening clouds coming from Corsica, where a cold drop will cause a slight instability.

A little refreshing

Temperatures will be slightly lower than the seasonal average, mainly due to the northwesterly winds. In the morning, it averages 7 to 15 C from north to south. In the second half of the week, with very steady winds, the nights become colder with the risk of snowfall from Wednesday night to Thursday. The maximum temperature varies from 16 to 22 C. It will be very cold north of China at 13 to 15 ° C on Wednesday to Friday afternoons, with a relatively mild south to 21 to 24 ° C south of the Caron Mediterranean.

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