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The Liberal government was overthrown by a motion of protest

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The Romanian government was overthrown by a protest movement

The Romanian parliament on Tuesday approved a resolution condemning Prime Minister Florin Sittu’s liberal government, leading to a period of political instability amid a fourth wave of Covit-19.

The resolution was passed by 281 votes, significantly more than the required 234, according to official results.

After the December election, Mr Sittu, a 49-year-old former banker, has become the pet of both right and left in recent months.

Unlike allies in ordinary times, elected members USR (center right), former member of the ruling coalition, Social Democrats (PSD, opposition) and the far-right AUR party voted to remove the executive.

The Liberals (PNL, in power) condemned the “irresponsible” actions of these three parties and boycotted the vote.

“What are you going to gain by confusing the country?”, The Prime Minister began at the beginning of the parliamentary session, addressing the parties who submitted the motion.

Before leaving parliament without waiting for the outcome of the referendum, the next executive must always ensure that it is built “around liberal values”.

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