Balenciaga creates a stir with The Simpsons.

Balenciaga creates a stir with The Simpsons.

At its Spring / Summer 2022 gallery presentation, the fashion house released a new episode of the animated television series led by art director Demna Kwasalia. On the show: Comedy and Brand Culture.

Simpsons I Balenciaga: Pop culture in the fashion service.

Last weekend, Balenciaga delivered it “Red Carpet Collection” During a unique event organized at Thatre to Satellite. Organized as part of the Paris Fashion Week, the event was prominently promoted by a photo gallery featuring celebrities such as the Cinema Preview.

In addition to the photos, one of the highlights of the meeting was actually airedA chapter From the Simpsons cult series. In this ten-minute video content, we see the materials that have made the American show a success since its launch in 1989, whether it was the premiere of the iconic characters of the city of Springfield or the obviously fun American project. Fashion, luxury and in general, the inherent clichs in the world of France.

Balenciaga Simpsons

Viewed by Demna Quasalia, Simpsons © Balenciaga

A supporter of this initiative, the house of Balenciaga is elevated in relation to its sacred heritage for its benefit. Pop culture There is always more speculation … and a certain sense of self-mockery is delighted by the prices charged by the brand, the unusual shape of some of its models or its accent.

“Dear balloon … balloon … balloon … Balenciaga.”

Homer Simpson

According to Balenciaga, a luxury group based in Kering, this content is the latest in a series of activities that “push the boundaries between fashion and other entertainment, culture and entertainment technologies, moving away from the easily defined genre.” Rubel, the icon, distinguished himself by the business design of Charles, from Gucci’s home or through the strategic collaboration of the Fortnight online game.

Chapter Simpsons I Balenciaga Fully to be found below.

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