A crocodile crushes a drone while flying (video)

A crocodile crushes a drone while flying (video)

In Darwin National Park Australia, A cameraman drone that took pictures of crocodiles failed To be swallowed by an animal. Fortunately, the plane “survived” the crash.

Strong jaw

NBC News cameraman Dan Hirst was looking for a consistent material for the film for his documentary. He noticed a crocodile standing quieter than its counterparts, especially when he skidded on Darwin’s lake.

Using his remote control, the cameraman directed his work tool towards the animal … before Watch the post-climb to bite the drone on the plane !

As I turned around on him, I looked out at the pool and saw a crocodile above the water and a loud noise. Jaw Which is closed“, He declared.

Recovered drone

Impressive Fang Scores, TheThe drone was eventually eaten by reptiles. Unable to digest it, it was abandoned by the animal and recovered several days later by a technical team.

Despite the bad condition, The team was able to recover their memory card So, pictures of the reptile attack! Unusable, the drone now proudly sits on the editorial board of NBC News.

Without a victim, this story is reminiscent of another that happened a few weeks ago in Florida. The only small difference: not the reptile crocodile in question but A hungry crocodile !

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