The Giants were crowned national champions

To force a presentation of Game # 163, the Dodgers had to win this afternoon, but would lose to a direct rival Giants.

The Dodgers have worked hard. Against the Brewers, they performed better despite Max Munci’s injury along the way.

But despite all that, the Dodgers have yet to force a hand in the game in an attempt to avoid playing against the Cardinals (former team of Albert Poojols) on Wednesday.

Why? Because Johns did the short work of San Diego Patres and won their game, expanding the levels.

This means the San Francisco Giants are national champions. They also have a better record than all Americans, which gives them the advantage of a home court as long as they need to.

The Dodgers will line up their season by facing the Cardinals Wednesday at Dodgers Stadium. The loss of St. Louis will change the dynamics of their offseason. The winner of that game will face the Giants on Friday, while the other will be on vacation. This ensures a good break for the Giants to relax.

For the first time in nine years, the Dodgers failed to win the division. For the first time in their history, the Giants have 107 wins in a season.

In the other divisional series, Brewers will receive attendance as part of the Atlanta Braves 3-of-5 series.

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  • Beautiful season, same.

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