In support of the military wires … Mickey: We will take action to establish determination

In support of the military wires ... Mickey: We will take action to establish determination
Prime Minister Najib Mikad praised the role of the Homeland Security Force in ensuring the security of the people, maintaining security and protecting institutions, despite the difficult economic conditions of other Lebanese people. He stressed, “We are proud that Lebanon, the security forces that unite all divisions and regions, continue to work with dedication and discipline, overcoming the lack of financial and logistical capabilities to complete their missions.”

President Mickey received the Director-General of the Homeland Security, Major General Imad Othman, at the Grand Sail on Monday, led by a delegation from the General Assembly.

During the meeting, President Mikadi asked, “What does the government do to deal with the problems and many files if there are no laws and security forces to ensure the security of the people and other security forces? Implementing it for the good of the country, strengthening security, blocking all attempts to disrupt peace and security, and Lebanon.” Controlling bad networks that are undervalued again.

He stressed, “The government is taking a series of steps and measures to provide minimum flexibility to the military and security forces and other workers in the public sector.

He received the Director General of the Department of Tenders, Jean Al-Alaiya: He said: I had the honor of meeting with President Mikadi today, where the Public Procurement Act was discussed in light of Constitutional Council Resolution No. 5/2021. I listened to his orders and today this issue is in safe hands.

He received the chairman of the Audit Court, Judge Mohammad Badran, as the chairman of a committee that submitted to him a report on the 2019 account cuts.

Following the meeting, Judge Nellie Abi announced that the Audit Bureau will continue to audit the accounts in the name of the Younes delegation and is awaiting receipt of the 2020 accounts from the Ministry of Finance to complete the audit and disconnect its accounts.

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