"In order, expelled from the United States", the heartbreaking Grand Prix to Figra 2021

“In order, expelled from the United States”, the heartbreaking Grand Prix to Figra 2021

The Grand Prix to Figra, Report and Documentary Festival, was presented on Saturday, October 2 by Alex Kohrie and Leo Matty in the “Expelled from the United States” series. This moving picture describes the daily life of Mexico who were expelled from the United States after living there for decades.

Last Saturday, for the first time, the winners of the best films dedicated to the 28th International News Festival and Community Documentary (film) at Dow Gate: State of Texas against Melissa, Sabrina van Dossell, in MBS, Prince of Arabia, By Antoine Witkin All monitored: Seven billion suspects, Sylvain Lovett and Ludovic Gaylord. But it is In turn, expelled from the United States It won the Grand Prix 2021. The documentary by Leo Matty and Alex Kohry, who competed in the “40+ Minutes” film category, was celebrated Telerama During its broadcast on France 2 last January.

In a tough and moving film by two directors, the daily lives of two men and a woman are sent back to Mexico, where they were born but lived very little. In the border town of Tijuana (Mexico), thousands of Mexican people survived and were deported to the United States decades later. They fell in love there and started a family there. Some “returnees” in Tijuana do not even speak Spanish: “How can you send yourself back to a country you have never lived in? », Asks Richard, a veteran of the U.S. military.

The shattered American dream

Was it their only fault that their American dream was shattered in a few hours? Having entered American soil twenty, thirty, forty years ago, illegally, without a visa … Both directors expelled the trio amid frustration and a small hope of crossing the border in the other direction. Those who have all the trades they can get, those who live in beautiful homes, their children studying at university, they find themselves living in slums covered by photos of their loved ones. Ironically, deportees no longer look for work in call centers, where they pay by slingshot, they sell online, thanks to their proper English, consumer credits or bouquets. Valentine’s Day Flowers for American Consumers!

No matter how hasty they are by the administrative decisions taken by the police officers, these men and women see their world being shattered. Despite the phone, family relationships begin to fall apart. As a symbol of all of their lives, a moving scene catches a woman clinging to the screen of her phone, she actually comes to her living room and her kitchen, connected to her old home by the magic of the internet and security cameras as she settles into all the rooms to take care of her aging mother. She’s drowning with trophies, a nickel workshop, a TV, cushions on a sofa: she’s taking us to her house, maybe she’s not looking anymore …

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