Find the first Dutch-looking movie on the streaming platform!

Find the first Dutch-looking movie on the streaming platform!

Many countries already have many original works on the streaming platform of the American company. Meanwhile, the Netherlands is still lagging behind. In fact, the latter does not count on very large Netflix. However, this will not be the case anytime soon. The first Dutch original film enters the streaming world. This Always rich We are coming to find you.

Finally, there is the original Netflix creation of the Dutch!

Many young rappers dream of becoming rich and famous and living a life away from music. Richie The film carries this ambition with it Always rich In which he is the star. The young man slowly climbs the steps towards success until he achieves success. In addition, all of these wins purchased will be held hostage overnight.

Richie is one of the richest and most famous rappers in the Netherlands. In fact, as he approaches his ultimate goal each day, he will be the target for an organization.

One night, thieves attack the young rising star and steal her jewelry and her phone. He was humiliated during the act. However, Richie eventually realizes that another problem is coming his way. In fact, the phone torn from the rapper contains slanderous secrets about his life.

Not enough protection, the device seems to be in the hands of fans who hate the owner. They will upload a close-up video of Richie on social media. An act of experiencing extreme turmoil in his love life with his girlfriend is very costly for him elder brother. Not only that, but the rapper’s fans will start to fall for him. Long stands of the cross for the young artist to fight against all contradictions.

An important series of our time

Always rich Explains our present time when the lives of some people can be ruled by greed. Social networks have a significant influence on the public image associated with stars and any individual. All of these are questioned in the Dutch film.

For casting Always rich We see Jonas Smalters The young rapper plays Richie. In fiction, you have to rely on other names Daniel Golf, Cinema Gauss As well as Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing. Compared to the film crew, we see Hody El Holmes From Libya Led by perception. The latter was also the winner Golden Gulp. Geron Scolden von Ascot Will be the screenwriter of the fiction. Anyway, one can be sure that viewers should not be indifferent about this movie which lasts 1 hour 29 minutes.

Finally, be aware that this Dutch fiction is available from Friday 1stThere is On the Netflix streaming platform last October.

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