Carlos Cosin compensation lawsuit: Nissan offers compromise deal to deceived investors

Carlos Cosin compensation lawsuit: Nissan offers compromise deal to deceived investors

Nissan, a Japanese automobile group, has offered a conciliatory solution to a group of US investors to resolve a dispute over compensation paid to former US investor Carlos Kozen. Builder has been accused of publishing false statements by investors about the amount received while leading the Franco-Lebanese-Brazilian business group.

The Nissan class action lawsuit is being handled by the Jackson County, Tennessee Employees’ Pension Fund on its behalf and on behalf of other U.S. investors. On Wednesday, a federal court in Nashville accepted a joint request by plaintiffs and Nissan to suspend the legal process for approving the amicable settlement within 40 days. Nissan, when asked by AFP, declined to comment on the ongoing lawsuit.

The lawyer for Greg Kelly, a former collaborator cited in the case, did not immediately respond to AFP’s requests. He was released on bail in Tokyo, where he spent a year on trial for financial fraud at Nissan during the reign of Carlos Kozen. The 65-year-old American lawyer was sentenced to two years in prison. Theoretically, he could serve up to ten years in prison.

Carlos Goshen made an incredible escape from Japanese justice at the end of 2019. At the time, even his Japanese lawyer admitted he was “shocked by the news.”

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