Welcome to Ch’is: Why didn’t the American remake happen?

In 2008, Danny Boone directed his most cult film: “Bienvenue chez les Ch’is”. Initially, in the face of the film’s success, America prepared a remake. But that plan never materialized. Find out why.

Welcome to CD : The biggest French hit

Two years later Home of happiness, A budding filmmaker Danny Boone gets down to production Welcome to CD. What he does not know yet is that his work will become an unprecedented national success story. Worn by God Marat and him, Welcome to CD Is, in 2008, The most acclaimed film in the history of French cinema. The film broke the previous record Great wipe. Danny Boone then accumulates 20,489,303 inputs (17,267,607 against Gerard Ori’s film). even today, Welcome to CD Has created a record.

Welcome to CD
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According to Pathe, Nearly 2 million viewers watched the film in Nord and Pass-de-Calais alone. This is half the population of the region. Faced with the success of the film, The film’s main city, Pergius, has become an unexpected tourist destination. Even 10 years after the Cidis event, every year many tourists came to find filming locations. With 2,000 viewers a year before 2008, Ferguson Guerrillan has been hit hard by the storm since its release. 35,000 visitors as of 2010, Followed by an average of 20,000 customers a year (of course before the Govt crisis).

But where is the American remake?

Au Box Office International, Welcome to CD Has developed more than $ 245 million in revenue. Faced with this success the Americans, the experts of that genre, were eager to produce a remake in English. Only in French cinema, films like this The audience, LOL, Or Untouchables There was an American version of them. But, strange thing is, Welcome to CD Went through the cracks.

Welcome to CD
Welcome to CDS © Path

However, The American remake of the Danny Boone film is well planned. Project to be called Welcome to the sticks Unfortunately it was never filmed. The Americans had good ideas. Comedian Will Smith should participate in this project. Danny Boone met with Warner Bros.’s international star and decision maker to check out the plan.

But our frenzy didn’t want to sell his duck that laid golden eggs so easily. Danny Boone subsequently refused Three situational proposals Before completely losing interest in the project. The comedian retained the exploitative rights of his film, and The Americans could not create their own remake Welcome to CD. So it is necessary to be satisfied with the Italian remake. Owned Welcome to the South (Welcome to the South), the film tells the story of Milanese who left northern Italy after moving south.

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