Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan should be protected 24/7 due to skin color

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London since 2016, explained why a team of 15 metropolitan police officers ensures his security day and night.

At the Labor Party’s annual convention in Brighton, Sadiq Khan spoke of his close defense. The politician explained that he had initially rejected the recommendation to benefit from permanent protection.

An end ” Difficult To live for the Mayor of London, regrets having to watch 24/7. Sadiq Khan said he wanted to take the pipe and walk around the capital, but had no choice but to change his stance on the matter and in 2017 the entourage was threatened. However, he says he understands the need for this “His skin color and the God he worships”, He lamented in the British media.

A controversial trip to Battersea Park

Mr. The public controversy erupted after Khan was criticized in the English press for traveling in a three-wheeler to Patterson Park, four and a half kilometers from his home, to walk in his dog Luna.

He justified himself by saying that stopping this convoy was not due to his will but was taken under the advice of the police. The mayor received “Threatening emails” Following this case.

Close guard for the safety of those around him

Sadiq Khan explained that his wife had forced him to accept this protection and who he was “Changed the game”. He said shortly after the election “The police spoke to my commander-in-chief and my wife to try to force them to accept me. I could deny what they said, but because of me, I asked if I realized that my relatives could be in danger.” . So the mayor of London finally agreed to defend this defense without hesitation “His wife, his children, but also the staff he works for.”, Considering it a part of him ” To .

The mayor refuses to be intimidated by hatred

He said he now owes his and his family to a group of 15 police officers who take turns. He said he had received guidance and advice from his staff to deal with threats against him.

Khan explained that he has not yet commented on his security position so as not to encourage anyone who wants to enter politics. He said he would not give up in the face of hatred “Racists and anti-Islamists threaten him” And that he does not I will never bow to them.

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