MLP: Blue Jays beat Orioles 10-1; Their fate will be decided in the 162nd and final match

TORONTO – Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Theoscar Hernandez, George Springer, Bo Bissetto and Danny Johnson hit long balls to win 10-1 in one season. On Saturday.

The win keeps Jayce hoping to make the playoffs before the final day of the regular season.

Rookie starter Alec Manova made 10 strikeouts as Jayce offense backed him up with 14 wins, including five homers.

“The level of confidence we play right now is amazing, everything works, our bulls, our starters, offense, top and bottom,” Blue Jays Starter said.

“We like to play with each other, we don’t want to stop playing with each other, so we go out and give it our all,” Manoah said.

Blue Jays has made 258 home runs this season, the highest in Major League Baseball. The club’s previous record was 257 home runs in 2010.

Toronto’s victory over Sunday’s defeat to the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox will lead to a tie – breaker game for the Blue Jays to be one of the draft teams in the American League.

The Blue Jays (90-71) start the last day of a regular season behind the Yankees (91-70) and Red Sox (91-70).

The New York Yankees washed out the Tampa Bay Rays 12-2 at home, while the Red Sox beat the Washington Nationals 5-3. Seattle Marines (89-71) were still alive and playing later Saturday.

The remaining two places have a three-way or four-way tie to participate in the playoffs. In any case, two tie-breaking games are essential.

In the event of a three-way draw, the club with the best record against the remaining two teams will be named Team A, so if the other two teams face each other on Monday, the winner will qualify for a game break. Wednesday. The loser will play against Team A on Tuesday.

If there is a tie at four, there will be two tie-breaking games on Monday, with the winners advancing to the match to be decided on Tuesday.

The Blue Jays (90-71) climbed into the New Yorker game in the draft match for second place in the American League as they went 12-3 against the Tampa Bay Rays at home to the New York Yankees.

The Blue Jays and Yankees (91-70) could join the Boston Red Sox (90-70) and Seattle Mariners (89-71) at the end of the regular season. That means there will be two tiebreakers on Monday and the winners will play a final on Tuesday.

The Red Sox and Mariners are also on the Saturday schedule.

The Blue Jays took a 6-1 lead after two innings in front of 29,916 at Rogers Center.

In the first inning, Guerrero sent the ball from the third balcony on the left field to the other end of the field near the restaurant. His 47th year equaled the one-season home run record of 22 or fewer set by the best Yeti Mathews in 1953.

Hernandez continued his 32nd home run, with a solo strike, two hits after Guerrero.

In the second run, a single from Santiago Espinal and Johnson’s double second and third on the pillows. Springer then emptied the goals with his 20th home run.

Lourdes Curiel Jr. scored Espinal’s double in the third set. Springer opened the fifth inning with his 20th home run on the left field, and Johnson, with his 11th run, set a team record by scoring two runs in the same inning.

Manoa (9-2) allowed a win and a walk in seven innings and 89 shots and gave the Blue Jays the best record in the game (21-9) by winning his fourth straight start. American League since early September.

“With 90 wins playing in the Eastern Division of the American League playing on the road until August, we are now in 162 games and I am very proud of these guys,” the manager said. Toronto Charlie Montoya.

“We may have been tired when we played our home games in Dunedin when the wind blew. They may have stopped when we went to the buffalo. But no one complained because they wanted to play this game. We deserve to be in this situation because we never gave up,” Montoyo said of the team. ”Is.

The Orioles scored their only run of the second inning. Trey Mancini doubled, followed by a sacrificial ball from Kelvin Goodres to go into the third inning and hit on Ryan McKenna’s outfield strike.

The Orioles (52-109) will end up with the worst record in the U.S. league in 2021 and have the second highest losses in team history after the 115 they faced in 2018.

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