“In Australia, we know we are vulnerable and we are scared.”

"In Australia, we know we are vulnerable and we are scared."
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (left) to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping

LAustralia handled the cancellation of the submarine agreement with France in a vicious, brutal manner. The government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison behaved like an unfaithful husband who did not dare to leave his wife until he walked through the door with his suitcase one day. Ending a relationship is a horrible way, and the wife who knows he has been plotting for months still feels betrayed – leaving her for her best friend.!

The way to separate does not explain the reason for separation.

Since the Australian government mandated the construction of twelve diesel-electric submarines in France in 2016, the strategic environment and military needs of our country have changed dramatically. Two years ago, they would be ridiculed if anyone suggested that Australia buy nuclear-powered American submarines.

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Today Australians realize that they no longer live in the same world. Beijing has been hostile and threatening to Canberra since Australia took drastic measures in 2017 to counter China’s interference and espionage. The Chinese regime has intensified its activities to influence the political, economic and educational elite, has carried out large-scale cyber attacks and infiltrated the local Chinese community.

Impossible diplomacy

When Foreign Minister Maurice Payne called for the launch of an independent international inquiry into the origins of Covid 19 in April 2020, Chinese officials angrily issued a restraining order, promoting economic retaliation. Imports of wine, barley, coal, copper, beef, wood and lobster from Australia (used by French exporters).

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For more than a year, no Chinese minister has picked up an Australian colleague on the phone. Diplomacy is impossible. Insulting and threatening warnings from members and officials of the Communist Party of China have reached the point today of threatening that nuclear missiles will rain on our heads if we do not surrender.

Unpublished fact, China stated in November 2020 that the type of relationship it would like to have with Australia: its embassy in Canberra sent a list of fourteen conditions for the resumption of “normal relations” to several Australian media outlets. These conditions go to the heart of Australian democracy and the sovereignty of the country. These include repealing our foreign interference laws, allowing Hawaii to participate in our 5G telecommunications network, removing restrictions on Chinese investment in vital infrastructure, restricting press freedom and including MPs.

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