At best, Algeria continues to chase Israeli submarines until they come to the surface.


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Algeria – National Navy Al Jazeera The Israeli dolphin submarine was discovered last week off the coast of Algerian international waters. The Israeli submarine was then pursued and surrounded by the Algerian Navy.

“Algerian forces pursued and finally forced him to rise above sea level before leaving the area,” the Menatebens report said on Friday (1/10/2021).

It was revealed after Russian journalist Targo Dodorovsky revealed the incident in a tweet on Thursday, “An Israeli Dolphin submarine Club-S missile training 636 submarine was attempted to launch from the submarine on the Algerian coast.” Project 636 was discovered and chased by submarines, who forced it to the surface and left the area.

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The news portal revealed that the incident took place during the Algerian naval exercise on September 29 and 30.

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“The exercise, which covers several sections of the Algerian navy, is aimed at demonstrating the capability of a deep-sea attack or the ability to stealthily destroy targets at sea,” the news portal explained.

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According to the MENADEFENSE, “The Israeli dolphin-type submarine was discovered by passive detection, monitored and forced to leave the area in international waters. It was decided to proceed aggressively without the use of sonar to avoid counter-detection.”

After the Israeli submarine was surrounded by two planes over the water by an Algerian submarine, the crew of the Israeli submarine decided to show that “they abandoned the mission and left the Algerian coast.”

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