Apologies to the visiting US officials

Apologies to the visiting US officials

The U.S. delegation, which paid a two-day visit to Haiti to treat migrants on the southern border of the United States who caused corruption around the world, apologized to the people of Haiti on Friday.

We have all seen pictures of the behavior of Haitians on our border, I want to say that it is an injustice, it is wrong and I want to apologize to the Haitian people.

These are the words of Juan Gonzalez, Special Assistant to President Joe Biden, during a press conference at the US Embassy in Haiti.
More than 30,000 immigrants, mostly Haitians, under a bridge on the border between Mexico and Texas.
The treatment, which was inflicted on some by border police officers on horseback while crossing the Rio Grande River, has come under criticism from the Biden administration.

Haitians return to US border

FP AFP / Paul Radje

The US President has promised that the authorities will do the same. “Payer“For such conduct as he has judged.”Slander“.

More than 5,500 discharges

The U.S. capital, Port-au-Prince, and Cape-Haitian, the second city, have seen a large influx of migrants, citing a health regulation dealing with the Covid 19 epidemic. Country

Since September 19, more than 5,500 people have been deported to Haiti, including hundreds of children, and today a country is mired in a deep security crisis.
They have carried out more than thirty brutal abductions in two weeks, according to human rights organizations.

The FBI is investigating the assassination of Jovnell Moss

The Caribbean has been embroiled in a power struggle since the July 7 assassination of President Joanel Moss at his private home.

The armed commandos charged with the killings were recruited by a Florida-based company, and the United States pledged full support to Haiti in trying to identify sponsors and perpetrators.
The FBI is investigating these crimes that occurred or originated in the United States“Senior U.S. diplomat Brian Nichols told a news conference Friday.
Faced with the Haitian justice crisis, which has been accused of lacking resources and suffering from corruption, many civil society organizations are calling for the creation of an international tribunal to hear the case, which Brian Nichols does not want to speak out.

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