The light media site will disappear

La plateforme se voulait un mélange d

This pure warrior did not survive an investigation by the “New York Times” and exposed the lies of its leaders.

Ozzy, the American media platform, will pull out of the business after revelations about the incredible lies of its leaders to attract investors. When asked by AFP, several U.S. media outlets reported on Friday, October 1, after the OC did not follow through, or its managing director, Carlos Watson, announced that the board of directors had ceased operations.

Launched in 2013 by news channels star journalist and entrepreneur Carlos Watson, Oz is backed by people like Lauren Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, or Google’s legal officer. According to the Crunchbase database, Ozy Media has raised about $ 70 million from investors. This site offers a mix of articles, podcasts and videos, as well as informative and entertaining content, such as BuzzFeed or Refinery29.

Increased attendance statistics

But according to a survey New York Times. During an invitation to a conference with Goldman Sachs bank representatives last February, the newspaper even reported that Samir Rao, co-founder and second-in-command of the company, had impersonated a YouTube official, planning to invest $ 40 million in the OC capital. Speaking to bankers under this pseudonym, Samir Rao explained that OC was a hit on YouTube in terms of its video footage and advertising revenue. Goldman Sachs ambassadors quickly figured out the trick, and Carlos Watson apologized to the bank.

OC launched his talk show “The Carlos Watson Show” in 2020 “Premiere Talk-Show de Amazon Prime”, Amazon’s video site, without Seattle’s agreement, and the show is not promoted or funded by Amazon. In addition, after OC confirmed that it would be airing soon on the American cable channel A&E, the series was able to welcome valuable guests, while no agreement was reached.

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