Tennis Schroeder’s announcement could go bad for the lockers

Le nouveau meneur des Boston Celtics, Dennis Schröder, a livré des paroles qui ne devraient pas plaire à la superstar NBA LeBron James, et à son équipe des Los Angeles Lakers

New Celtics player Dennis Schrடர்der was able to discuss his role under Ime Utoka for the first time since the summer. And his answer should not delight fans and lockers leaders!

No need to recall his failure last year, or even the fantastic amount he slipped off to start a one-year contract at $ 6 million. He himself has expressed enough in this matter, The self-troll even goes so far In the face of ridiculous rain. From now on, Dennis Schroeder plans to launch a new page of his history in Boston, where he will sign next season.

If the German leader does not have to wait for his introduction in his new colors To achieve what has not been heard for 50 years, He must prove on the ground that he deserves the best treatment during the free agency. However in what role does he have a chance? Asked Chris Forsberg from NBC Games In its application, he did not seek to create problems for his new coach, Aim Utoka.

Does a tennis Schroeder have far less arrogance than the Lakers in Boston?

For me, it doesn’t matter if I start the tournament as a starter, or if I come off the bench. Every time I am in the same mood, I try to win the game. When I enter the ground, I get into a fight. On both sides of the field. And the role I was given did not matter.

A speech that is very routine for a recruiter is not defined when it comes to its status. However, Schrder did not deliver the same story when he landed in the Lakers a year ago. He then made it clear to Frank Vogel He wanted to borrow the position of a leaderTwo years after becoming the 6th man in Oklahoma City.

At the time, his departure caused a great deal of controversy in the offices of Angelinos, while coaches did not establish the top five of the team. In the end, for all the results known today, the DS17 got what it wanted. This new highly compliant face displayed among the Cs should not please his former bosses who have not already appreciated his previous words about his summer.

The Lakers wanted us to talk, and in the end my agent and I decided not to sign this contract. Ultimately, for me, I need to be comfortable in the environment in which I find myself. Money is not everything. I want to be comfortable in a situation where I know people like me. Seeing how this happened, I try to look ahead and improve my skills and try to show people. And everything will return to what it was before.

So you can already check out the date of November 19th, which is related to the first meeting between Dennis Schroeder and the Lockers, and maybe DD Garden’s ground scores attend a great settlement!

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