Patrick Beverley devant LeBron James

Patrick Beverly made a big revelation … the fans are insulting him!

Now in Wolves, Patrick Beverly traveled from Clipper to Grizzlys, eventually landing in Minnesota. Planned from the beginning? According to the leader, but no one among Internet users is disappointed.

After many years on the side of the City of Angels, Patrick Beverly is no longer a Clippers player. The leader first enjoyed a trade to Memphis, where he was only for a few days. He had to pack his bags to join the wolves. A good option for the person involved, since he is a fan of Kevin Garnett.

Everyone is happy for him because he will do good for his fellow players of Carl-Anthony Towns. Beverly decided to add a layer indicating that he knew the beginnings of these trades: so it was no surprise to move from Memphis to Minnesota.

Beverly knew that landing at Memphis was part of the plan. He knew he would be coming to Minnesota a few weeks before the trade ended.

Flat? Upon arriving at Grizzlys, Beverly posted a tweet that included the owner tag “Grid & Grind”. A few days before the trade is over, there is a way to indicate that he is going to give his all with Ja Moron. Apparently no one among internet users was fooled: Beverly found a second trade like everyone else.

This is obviously 100% false. But we allow ourselves to enjoy it. I can’t wait to see him play.

Why did he tweet this message on Grid and Grind? lol

Does Patrick Beverly know about his double business? We can strongly doubt it, this famous tweet is proof of that. This is not a big deal for a leader who wants to get revived in Minnesota. This search seems to be the best in any situation.

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