London demands that the military provide gas stations

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The British army will be called in from Monday to deliver petrol stations in the UK, many of which were dry on Fridays. After completing training over the weekend, the government announced that nearly 200 soldiers, including 100 drivers, would be mobilized to deliver fuel distribution points.

Lack of new materials

This affects not only gasoline, but also shortage supermarkets, where some new product shelves are constantly empty, McDonald’s milkshakes or beers in pubs.

During a tumultuous week, marked by long queues in front of stations, Boris Johnson’s cabinet ministers confirmed to each other that the crisis was over in the microphones and television sets of the radios.

But according to distributors, more than 2,000 gas stations were without fuel on Friday. Reuters found that in parts of London and the south of England alone, dozens of pumps were still out of service.

The situation is explained by the shortage of lorry drivers, especially those who can drive tanks, which the government blames for the Covid 19 epidemic, which it refuses to see as one of the effects of Brexit, which has closed the doors of the country. Many workers, especially from Eastern Europe, left the country a year ago. This phenomenon was exacerbated by the purchases of anxious motorists.

5,000 temporary visas

London announced last Sunday that it would issue temporary visas to 5,000 foreign lorries and 5,500 poultry slaughterhouses, but some drivers felt the length of stay was too short.

Boris Johnson’s government said it would provide drivers on Friday Trucks– 300 visas immediately, valid until the end of March 2022. The other 4,700 are valid from late October to late February.

“The introduction of these temporary, time-limited visas will not distract us from our commitment to increase the skills and pay of our domestic workers, but it is the result of an extraordinary circumstance chain.Downing Street said.

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