Jake Gillenhall called a little more ... on the remake

Jake Gillenhall called a little more … on the remake

The American version of the notable Danish film, this stuttering camera in the emergency call center is likely to deceive fans of the original due to its inappropriateness and lack of novelty. Others will find a devilishly useful situation self-sufficient.

At an emergency call center in Los Angeles, Joe Baylor (Jack Gillenhall), a private field police inspector, was initially ignored for a misconduct when his comrade responded to the abducted woman’s tragic call. From phone calls to phone calls, Joe tries to find and help the victim without leaving the center’s offices …

If this reminds you of something, that’s fine. Guilty, American director Antoine Fukua, the remake … Guilty, Gustav Mல்லller’s Danish film was released just three years ago. Brilliantly behind closed doors, the original was impressed by its straight-line staging, its villainous scene and the brilliant power of the game with its lead actor Jacob Cedergreen, who alternately charged and charged with a camera for eighty-five minutes. Is it really necessary to remake it? Antoine Fuka and screenwriter Nick Bisolatto (esteemed creator of the series The real detective) Came up with something new and relevant to the case, which is not really the case.

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