Inspiration under the leadership of Scott Morrison, Australia

Inspiration under the leadership of Scott Morrison, Australia

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The submarine affair, but the environment, Covid 19 … The Australian Prime Minister is known for his ambition and radical stance.

At the G7 in Cornwall in June, the Australian Prime Minister teased the French president. Three months later, it a “Punch in the back” Scott Morrison caused the country to announce in the press the end of the “Century Agreement” sealed for the purchase of 12 submarines from France to Australia.

Behind the good nature and easy warmth of the faade hides first a man who knows how to use his opportunity every time. Born in 1968 in the suburbs of Sydney, he continued his studies in economic geography. He entered the Liberal Bench of Parliament in 2007, became Minister of Immigration in 2013, and then Minister of Economy two years later. Then he became known for him Stubbornness against asylum seekers And a Outrageous coal-dependent position.

In August 2018, he created the first surprise. After a turmoil within the Liberal Party, he promises to support his prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, whose leadership is running. He also declares: “I’m ambitious for him.” He is especially important to himself. Two days later, he was transformed into the leader of the party and the country. Australia Synods-Eunice Donald Trumpjo Biden Emmanuel Macron

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